With the growth of the online offer, more and more players, professionals and not, are wondering what are the pros and cons of playing online rather than physically at the casino. Let’s see the advantages of online Blackjack together.

  • Try it for free. We often suggest, before venturing into a new game, to discover their “for fun” version in mmc 996 Singapore online casino. This is possible online, while in the physical casino it is not: a first advantage that should not be underestimated;
  • Reduce travel. If you choose to play online, time and travel costs to reach the gaming station are reduced.
  • Socialization? No problem! Live versions of Blackjack with live dealer and the ability to chat with table mates are available online.
  • Bonus & VIP programs. The online version of the gaming platforms has extensively developed the concept of customer loyalty. Beloved bonuses and prizes are available online. There are deposit bonuses and not: and depending on the volumes played and the skills you can easily re-enter into VIP programs that offer a whole series of promotions and dedicated benefits
  • Ability to play from any device. Smartphone, tablet, PC, from the sofa or comfortably in your bed: online Blackjack is available for practically every device!
  • Play multiple games simultaneously. In a land-based casino it is physically impossible, but for online it is not a problem. Many blackjack tables allow you to play three hands at the same time.

These are obviously just some of the reasons why more and more users are turning to online Blackjack. The only suggestion we can give you, when trying, is to always choose only AAMS authorized operators to play and have fun in complete safety.

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The strategy explained in Beat the dealer

Blackjack for Thorp is not a game of chance: everything is governed, on the contrary, by calculations and mathematical rules that allow the player to take advantage of between 1 and 5% against the dealer. Thanks to his foolproof strategy for Blackjack Thorp and his friend managed to win $ 70,000 in one weekend.

The modality he devised took into account the variations remaining after the hands had been dealt… thus the essence of card counting was born!

Obviously at the Casinos the cunning of the mathematician did not go well and he was asked to get away from the tables.

At that point Thorp moved from gaming tables to “writing” in hopes of giving others the chance to study the logic behind this game and get rich. Thus was born his book, which arrived on the shelves of Italian bookstores in 1966 with the name of “Battiil ​​Banco”, which theorizes card counting in blackjack black on white explaining in detail the system of the “card worth 10”, a formula where players take into account the coefficients assigned to the different cards to determine their bets.

After the first edition (published in the States in 1962) Thorp published a second edition, even more detailed: then he moved with equal profit to the Wall Street stock market.