The basic strategy of BlackJack is the best way to play a hand in the hugely popular online live casino malaysia game . 

In BlackJack there are a limited number of situations that can occur. By looking at your cards and the dealer’s upside there is a strategy that allows you to maximize your chances of winning. 

Basically by following this basic technique you will always know when it is best to stand or ask for a card . Many players learn basic strategy through tables like the one we propose below. 

The Basic Strategy in Black Jack for 6 decks 

Consider that the variants are hundreds and they change according to the number of decks with which you play, the rules imposed by the casino regarding doubling , splitting, surrender and many others. So you understand that it is not at all easy to apply the basic strategy to each game, but if you play blackjack online, then in the help section of the game you will find, in 90% of cases, the table representing the basic strategy. 

Typically playing with a single deck the house edge is 0.17%, but this increases as the number of decks increases. With the double deck it rises to 0.46%, if you play (as it often happens) with four decks the house advantage is 0.60%, with 6 decks of 0.64% and with eight decks of 0.65%.

From a certain point of view, playing online simplifies things , but on the other hand it complicates them. There are several variations of BlackJack and this can be a bit confusing. However, the fact that you can play comfortably from home, through a computer, allows us to reflect calmly, do our maths and perhaps consult directly the most suitable table at the moment, so as to better orient our choices.

Remember, however, that even following the basic strategy perfectly , there is always a component of luck that should not be underestimated. Making the right choices on a statistical basis helps to win, but does not ensure victory, as there is a good deal of randomness in the game. The online casinos have powerful software for generating random numbers in the case of BlackJack “mix” the cards each time differently.